What is abdominoplasty or abdominal dermolipectomy?

Abdominal surgery, also called abdominoplasty or abdominal dermolipectomy can be used for both men and women. It is a complex surgical procedure that reconstructs the abdominal wall. It helps to reduce the loose skin of the abdomen, remodel hips and eliminate stretch marks and abdominal fat. This intervention helps to recover a «flat stomach» and to outline the silhouette of the body. Specifically in those patients where diet and physical exercises can no longer achieve improvement.

What should you consider Before doing a abdominoplasty?

Depending on the characteristics of the patient, can be performed:

  • A conventional tummy tuck: The abdominoplasty consists in using hip-to-hip incision below the navel to remove the excess skin in the upper abdomen.
  • Mini-abdominoplasty: It is limited to supra-pubic skin removal to flatten the lower abdomen.

Both can be associated with liposuction.

Who is it for?

  • You can go through an abdominoplasty if you have considerable excess of skin due to a considerable loss of weight.
  • If there you have stretch marks and flaccidity in the middle and lower abdomen.
  • If you have considerable fat deposits.

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1/3 Hours


2 Days




10/15 Days

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem

Improve self-confidence

Have a slimmer and more stylized figure

Eliminate excess of fat and skin

Feel more sensual and attractive

Look for freshness and security