What are tuberous breasts?

It is a congenital deformity that is characterized by conical breasts with large, protruding areolas and an ascending submammary fold due to a lack of development of the lower pole of the breast. 

With the surgery to correct the tuberous breast we manage to give the breast the natural aspect it should always have had but we also return the patient’s self-confidence.

What should you consider?

  • It’s a congenital defect. You can improve the appearance of the breast a lot but in very few cases it will reach the perfect symmetry: this is just because perfect symmetry does not exist in two breasts.
  • Sometimes you will need some successive interventions or in the case of the use of own fat may need a few more sessions to actually increase the size.

Who is it for?

  • People who are diagnosed by a specialist and feel affected in their interpersonal relationships by that congenital defect. 
  • Compromised self-esteem towards yourself or your partner.

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2-3 Hours


1 Day




15 Days

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem

Improve confidence

Look better

Correct dimension

Seek for more security

Feel more sensual and attractive

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