What is mastopexy or breast lift?

Mastopexy is a surgical technique whose purpose is to remodel and raise the fallen breast.

Various factors such as pregnancy, lactation, weight and the years passing cause the skin to lose elasticity and the breasts tend to sag (breast ptosis). It is possible to place a prosthesis when a loss or scarce breast volume is added.

What should you consider?

  • There is no way to remove excess skin without leaving scars, even if they are very small and can always be improved in the postoperative period (from a periareolar to a vertical scar).
  • Sometimes there is more excess skin than volume, in this case it will be necessary to place an implant or own fat to give volume and harmony to the chest.
  • Tobacco is what most complicates the evolution of scars

Who is it for?

  • All types of women who have an emptying and falling of the upper part of the breast and who need to raise their breast, for example with a padded bra.
  • Women who have lost many kilos.
  • Women who have had several pregnancies.

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2 Hours


1 Day




10-15 Days

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem

Improve self confidence

Have a slimmer and more stylized appearance

Eliminate excess of fat and/or skin

Feel more sensual and attractive

Look for freshness and security

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